Rescue Dogs
Guest 1 : Doneille Killian Gioia, Save A Friend to Homeless Animals
Guest 2 : Kara Smiley, Rescue Dog Owner

Many of us feel that providing a rescue or shelter dog a loving home is something special. Is it a good idea? What steps need to be taken? How do you know if you’re getting in over your head or if the dog you have chose is a good fit for you and your family? Doneille Killian Gioia, the director of Save a friend of Homeless animals, provides answers to many questions about dog adoption that will help you better understand the process. Our second guest Kara Smiley went through the process and shares her first hand experience compared to her prior expectations with us.

Specific Breed adoption
Guest 1: Connie Demerecki, White Boxer Rescue
Guest 2: Debra Caulkins, Save a Yorkie Rescue

Pure breed dogs can be very expensive. If you are fond of a breed, or more importantly think your fond of a breed, a specific breed rescue may be a great alternative and definitely worth contacting. They have a vast amount of breed specific knowledge and can be very up front about the joys and challenges that a particular breed of dogs brings. You can adopt a rescue dog and at the same time have a breed of dog you want. I talk with Connie Demerecki of White Boxer Rescue and Debra Caulkins of Save a Yorkie Rescue who speak of both their breed specific knowledge as well as specific breed rescue in general.

Boarding and Pet Sitting
Guest 1: Danielle Palmer, Best Friends Pet Care
Guest 2: Lois Stein, Pet Pleasers LLC

Going away and not sure what to do with your dog? How do you know what the best alternative would be? Where do you start? What questions do you need to ask? When is it best to start looking? In this show we look at two alternatives. First our guest Danielle Palmer of Best Friends Pet Care describes boarding your dog at a facility and speaks to concerns that her customers have about that alternative. Our second guest Lois Stein of Pet Pleasers LLC talks about Pet sitting at your home and what to be aware of when considering this as an option.

Food and Dietary Supplements
Guest 1: Will Hassett, Pawtisserie
Guest 2: Jessica Dietzel, Springtime Inc.

The world of dog food has changed dramatically over the last several years. How do you know what’s important to your dogs diet? What should you believe? What impact does this decision have on your dog’s health? Will Hassett of Pawtisserie talks in detail about this very important subject and will provide you with a lot of useful information on diet and nutrition. Our second guest Jessica Dietzel of Springtime Inc. describes the use of supplements for improving your dog’s health. Many conditions can be aided by the use of supplements and she describes these for us.

Service Dogs and Autism
Guest : Patty Dobbs Gross, NorthStar Foundation

Autism seems to be an increasingly important topic in the news. More and more people are becoming aware of it and are seeing its effect first hand with families they know. It is a challenging problem for families with autistic children both to manage it within their homes as well as deal with many public misconceptions about this condition. Patty Dobbs Gross, the founder of NorthStar Foundation speaks with us about her organization which provides service dogs specifically trained to help families manage children affected by autism. With first hand experience she offers a lot of insight into this issue and what can be done to help.

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