Puppy Mills

What exactly is a puppy mill? Why do we frequently hear about them in the news? The Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR) is located in the heart of puppy mill country. The founder of DVGGR ,Robin Adams, describes the puppy mill industry and why it is devastating to so many dogs. DVGGR has a unique approach to trying to save these dogs from this life of imprisonment and abuse and she tells us all about it.

Beyond the Ordinary
Guest 1: Sharon Sakson, Author, Healing Power of Dogs
Guest 2: Mary Martusciello, Psychic and Channel

Our shows focus frequently on the relationships between people and dogs. On this show we take that to a new level. Sharon Sakson has researched and written a book about dogs’ ability to help people heal entitled, Healing Power of Dogs.. She tells us many examples of how this occurs and how this interesting topic is beginning to gain much more attention.
Our second guest Mary Martusciello is a Psychic and Channel. Can you find out what your dog is really trying to say? Is it possible to communicate with pets that are no longer with us? We have a very interesting conversation on this topic.

Guest 1: John Goodwin, Humane Society of the United States

With news reports and all the attention the Michael Vick dog fighting ring has drawn, what do you really know about the menace of dog fighting? Do you have any idea of the toll it takes on our society and especially our relationship with dogs? Our guest, John Goodwin, the manager of animal fighting issues with the Humane Society of the United States candidly discusses with me the history of dog fighting. He also discusses the efforts his organization is making to end this violent pastime and explains the Humane Society’s position on Michael Vicks efforts.

Going the Distance
Guest 1: Sue Weise, Operation Roger Truckers Pet Transport
Guest 2: Clark Bergard, Animal Rescue Flyers

The next time you are driving down the interstate and pass an eighteen wheeler, or see a private plan flying across the sky they may be transporting a rescue animal to its forever home? These drivers and pilots are incredibly dedicated animal lovers that voluntarily transport rescue animals on behalf of shelters and rescues across the country. Our first guest, Sue Weise is the founder of Operation Roger, Truckers Pet Transport. Our second guest Clark Bergard is the co founder of Animal Rescue Flyers. Both have an interesting tale to tell about their beginnings and how they are looking to expand their efforts. Maybe you can help?

Training and Trainers
Guest: Steve Appelbaum, Animal Behavior College

Does it make sense to hire a professional dog trainer? Does the surge of information available on the internet and shows on TV replace the need for a trainer?
What type of training does a trainer go through before they are considered a professional dog trainer? Our guest Steve Appelbaum, CEO and President of the Animal Behavior College speaks with me about the training program for trainers that is offered by his school. If you are wondering whether you should use a professional trainer or want to know more about the training a trainer goes through, our conversation will answer those questions. Perhaps you are considering a career as a trainer or other animal professional, there is information here for you as well.

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