Training Methods: Reward Based Training
Guest 1: Teoti Anderson, Pawsitive Results, LLC

So you made the decision to bring a dog into your home and more importantly decided to hire a trainer. Now you need to decide if the type of training methodology the trainer uses is something you are comfortable with. Is training your dog by using treats, or rewards an effective method? Will the dog only perform when you have treats? Will the dog walk all over me? Could I get faster responses by using more forceful methods? What is the difference between dominance and leadership when training? On this show,
Teoti Anderson, of Pawsitive Results, LLC explains reward based training in detail. She discusses many of the myths and offers several suggestions for getting results from your dog using reward based methods.

Training Methods: International Association of Canine Professionals(IACP)
Guest: Martin Deeley, International Dog School

What is the IACP? The co founder and executive director of the IACP has a very candid conversation with me about their position on training methodology and what the IACP is all about. His name is Martin Deeley and he is a well respected member of the dog training community with over 30 years experience in this field. We talk about the use of Aversives and Corrections, and are they appropriate when training? The terms “leadership and dominance” frequently come up in reference to dog training, what do these terms really mean? Martin has an interesting perspective not just on these topics but many more.

Kids and Dogs
Guest: Colleen Pelar, All About Dogs Inc.

Most times we think of kids and dogs like we think of ducks and water. A natural fit. The reality is that kids are frequently bitten by dogs. It happens much more than many parents know. However, with some education it is something that can be avoided. How? What are the warning signs? What is a dog thinking when your child is showing it affection, or picking it up, or climbing on it? What should you be doing to avoid bites from occurring? What is the best way to introduce a new baby to the family dog? Colleen Pelar, author of Living With Kids and Dogs, and co owner of All About Dogs Inc., talks with us about the importance of understanding the interaction between kids and dogs. If you want to help keep your kids and dogs safe, this is a show not to be missed.

Training Methods: Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
Guest: Mychele Blake, Association of Pet Dog Trainers

What is the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)? If you are a trainer or considering becoming a trainer or even a canine professional in any capacity, this show will help you understand how the APDT can improve your skills and understanding of our Canine companions. With a focus on positive training methods, the APDT provides lots of tools to help you. Our guest Mychele Blake, who is the Communications Director as well as the Editor of the APDT Chronicle of the Dog magazine, shares with us the mission of this organization and how they strive to improve the skills of dog trainers and others in the dog training industry.

Aggression: What It Is and What It Isn’t
Guest: Cara Shannon, Buddy’s Chance LLC

It is easy for dog owners to misinterpret canine interaction as being aggressive if they do not understand what they are looking at. How can you tell the difference? When is it something to be concerned about? What are the signs to pay attention to? What motivates a dog to bite? How can you keep your dog from biting? What do you do if your dog has bitten? What are possible solutions to this problem?
Our Guest Cara Shannon of Buddys Chance LLC specializes in helping owners with aggressive dogs. She shares the answers to these questions with us and helps us get a much better understanding of canine aggression and how it can be managed.

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