Dog Safety
Guest 1: Dr. Wetherill, Save a Friend to Homeless Animals
Guest 2: Marie Belanger, Dogs Deserve Better

So you have brought home that adorable puppy? Many people with the best intentions are not aware of the dangers that lurk in your home to a young dog? Just as people childproof their homes; it is lifesaving to do the same thing for your puppy or young dog to prevent tragedy. Dr Wetherill of Save a Friend to Homeless Animals talks about dog safety and the many danger areas that you should be aware of to protect your dog and keep it safe. Our second guest, Marie Belanger of Dogs Deserve Better talks about “chaining”. Chaining refers to those unfortunate dogs that are left to live a life chained to a tree or post day in and day out. It is a significant problem that not only effects dogs but has potentially deadly consequences for people as well.

Fun with your dog
Guest 1: Michele Carberry, Princeton Dog Training Club
Guest 2: Debbie DeLisa, Wonder Bar

Want to bring your dog with you for some fun? Michele Carberry of the Princeton Dog Training Club talks with us about Agility. It’s an excellent activity for both you and your dog. There are many ways you can enjoy this activity and it goes a long way in building your relationship with your dog. Our second guest, Debbie DeLisa manages the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park NJ. Spend time at the beach and stop by for Yappy Hour and bring your dog with you. Both of you can socialize with dogs and dog lovers while having an enjoyable beverage. She describes how this came about and what future plans are being made.

Road Trips with the Dog
Guest 1: Kim Salerno, Trips with
Guest 2: Mary Weisheit, Cliff House Resort and Spa

So you’re going away and decided to bring your dog with you. Where can you stay? Where can you eat? Where can you take your dog for some exercise? What if your dog gets sick? Kim Salerno of trips with talks with us about her website which is a very useful resource if you’re going to travel with your dog.
How about a beautiful resort on the Maine Coast as a destination for a get away? But wait you can bring the dog and have a massage. Not just for you but for your dog as well. Mary Weisheit of the Cliff House Resort and Spa tells us all about it.

This Old Dog
Guest 1: Dr Collins, Cranbury Animal Hospital
Guest 2: Julie Nowicki, Grey Muzzle Organization

How can we help our dogs’ age gracefully? What are some of the things that occur both physically and behaviorally as our dogs’ age? Dr Collins of Cranbury animal hospital covers many areas of concern as our dogs’ age and suggests things that owners can do to help their dogs stay healthy. Unfortunately, some owners surrender dogs that get older because they require more care. Other older dogs are surrendered due to a change in family circumstances such as an owner’s death even though the dog has lived with a family for an extensive time. No longer puppy’s, adoptions of senior dogs’ are much more difficult for rescues. The Grey Muzzle organization addresses this problem by providing funding for shelters challenged with older dogs. They help offset the cost of care for these animals which keeps them from being put down. Julie Nowicki, the founder of Grey Muzzle organization, talks with me about how this organization came to be and what they are looking for to continue providing this wonderful benefit.

Service Dogs Vet dogs
Guest: Irwin Stovroff, Vets Helping Heroes

Over the last several years the war on terror has taken its toll on our brave service men and women. Many have returned wounded in significant ways which has made getting on with their lives very challenging. Irwin Stovroff, a veteran himself from WWII, founded Vets Helping Heroes to help these wounded men and women. Without any government support he helps raise money to provide trained service dogs free of charge to assistant these individuals in a variety of ways depending on their needs. He spoke with me about his motivation for doing this as well as how this helps those affected and the importance of creating awareness of how beneficial this organization is to our wounded veterans. He is a very interesting individual with a fascinating story.

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